Welcome to the Manley High School Library Media Center!

We're glad you stopped by for a visit!

Today we are going to go over lots of important information in a short period of time and you will practice some important library and technology skills!


  1. Students will be able to log on to Manley computers using their own usernames and passwords.
  2. Students will explore various features of the Manley High School website.
  3. Students will be able to identify at least four resources available in the library media center and predict an instance in which they might need to use a library resource.
  4. Student will be able to identify all policies and procedures for using the library media center.
  5. Students will use the SOAR online catalog to find books, eBooks, and online resources and locate them within the library collection.

Day ONE Activity:

Click on ONLINE LIBRARY ORIENTATION ACTIVITY: DAY ONE to complete before you leave today. You should work with a partner and make sure both names are included before you SUBMIT. In order to complete the activity you will need to access:
Manley High School

Day TWO Activity

Click on SOAR ONLINE ORIENTATION ACTIVITY: DAY TWOto complete the activity before you leave today.
In order to complete the activity, you will need to access: