Planning Committee Meeting
February 27th, 2012


1. Welcome and Introductions
a. Snacks
b. Why are you here? Snowball Fight Activity

2. Setting Ground Rules and Logistics
a. Ground Rules
how do we want to speak to one another?
how do we want to make discision?
how do we create an outlet for acknowledging our differences?
How do we support one another?
How to we enable everyone's full and equal participation?
How to we ensure a safe, supportive space?

--No assumptions or labels
--What's said in meetings, stays in the room, etc.\

b. Logistics
Meeting frequency?
Assign Tasks for today

3. Resources--examining history of GLBT activism

Here is a video from GLSEN that examines the extreme need leading to the rise of the organization:

Be sure to check out the links to resources at the bottom of this page.

4. Our mission and vision: Who we are? What Do we Stand For? What Do We Do? How Do We Do It?

We will need to create an outline proposal to take to Principal Morgan. There are many resources available to help on the legal end, but we, as a group, need to consider a plan of action for our organization.

5. Possible Activities Brainstorm

a. Day of Silence
b. Safe Space Sign Distribution
c. Field Trip to Out in Chicago at the Chicago Museum of History
d. Meetup with Other GSAs nearby
e. Participate in Gay Prom Organizing

6. Fundraising

Our Anti-Bullying Donors Choose Project (post this to your facebook pages and send it out).

7. Next Steps / Plan of Action


GSA, Anti-Bullying, and LGBT Resources

Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network

Illinois Safe School Alliance

It Gets Better Project