8th Period Sophomore Honors Independent Reading Project

Step 1: Select a novel for this assignment....

There are several ways
-preview the specially selected books on the cart in the library
-use the display case (locate on the right hand side) in the SOAR Library Catalog to browse the covers of approved books
-use the SOAR Library Catalog to look up books found an any of the recommended lists below
-visit your local public library and perform a search of the Chicago Public Library catalog to locate the book of your choice

Consider the following when selecting your novel:

Reading level (your book should be adequately challenging but not too difficult; skim through the first few pages of the novel and note the unfamiliar words)

Use the Scholastic Book Wizard to look up the reading level (although don't let this limit you too much) OR find books that are similar to other books that you have enjoyed.

Step 2: Throughout the quarter you will read your novel and...

Step 3: Complete a final project demonstrating your understanding of and ability to critically reflect on your novel....

Suggested Books

Anderson, Laurie Halse Twisted
Draper, Sharon House of the Scorpion

Additional Book Lists

Browse through this list of award winning books, then search for the book in the SOAR catalog. If it is not available in the school library, ask Ms. K or Ms. Uhl. You can also check with the Chicago Public Library.

Outstanding Books for the College Bound (ALA)

2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults

2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults

Michael L. Printz Winners and Honor Books