Honors Independent Reading Project: 6th and 8th periods

Project Overview


There are several places to look for an appropriately challenging and engaging book for this project:
-preview the books on the shelves in the library
-use the display case (locate on the right hand side) in the SOAR Library Catalog to browse the covers of approved books
-use the SOAR Library Catalog to look up books found an any of the recommended lists below
-visit your local public library and perform a search of the Chicago Public Library catalog to locate the book of your choice

Consider the following when selecting your novel:
  • Interest
  • Reading level (your book should be adequately challenging but not too difficult; skim through the first few pages of the novel and note the unfamiliar words)
  • Number of pages

You can also use the Scholastic Book Wizard to look up the reading level (although don't let this limit you too much) OR find books that are similar to other books that you have enjoyed.

Once you have chosen a book, you will be required to complete this online SSR Book Selection Reflection DUE February 8th


While reading your text, during Thursday SSR and at home independently, you will be required to complete weekly journal responses on the following:

Bookmark Descriptions
Page # assignment and Due Date
Teacher Initials
#1: Setting the Scene—Describe the setting of your book.
Due Date: February 10th

#2: Character Analysis—Describe the main character of your book.
Due Date: February 17th

#3: Conflict—Describe the major “problem” of your story.
Due Date: February 24th

#4: Connections!—Describe one personal connection you have made with your characters or events.
Due Date: March 2nd

#5: Theme—Explain one major life lesson that can be learned from your book.
Due Date: March 9th

#6: Summary/Predictions—Summarize the major events so far and predict how major conflicts may be resolved.
Due Date: March 16th

#7: Book Review Shout Out—Describe your personal reactions to the book. Write a recommendation.
Due Date: March 23rd

Note: Each journal must be submitted by the assigned date. Your teacher will initial your sheet for each journal submitted ON TIME. Each journal response can be used in drafting your final project, so stay organized!


To help you keep track of your reading assignments and the new vocabulary that you encounter, you will use the Word Wizard Bookmarks.


After completing your entire novel, and responding on each of your SSR journals, you will choose ONE of the following options for a final reading project display.

Project Option #1: Cereal Box Books
  • Using an empty cereal box as a frame, you will creatively cover each surface of the box to reflect your interpretation of various aspects of your book
  • On each surface you will include pictures, symbols, and written descriptions based on each of the topics from your SSR journals
  • The entire box must be covered so that none of the original box shows

Project Option #2: Book Review Poster Board
  • On a large poster board, you will present a comprehensive review of your book, including your interpretations of each aspect reviewed in your SSR bookmark responses.
  • On the front of your poster, you will include a collage of pictures, symbols, and words that represent the Title and “big ideas” in your book
  • On the back of the poster, you will carefully lay out sections that include illustrations/descriptions that address character, themes, setting, etc.

Project Option #3: Cliff Notes Book Reference
  • You will assemble a small booklet to create a “Cliff Notes” reference book for your novel .
  • Your cover will include artistic and visual representations of major ideas and themes in your book.
  • Each page inside your book will use images and written descriptions to reflect your interpretation of each SSR book mark topic, such as character, setting, plot, etc.
  • Your booklet could be a reading guide for anyone who picks up your book in the future!!

Project Option #4: Create a Glogster!
  • Sign up for a free education account on edu.glogster.com. Use teacher code 2BGUC3
  • Using graphics and multimedia tools available through glogster, you will creatively represent your interpretation of the "big ideas" and various other aspects of your book
  • you will include graphics/pictures, symbols, websites/links, videos, music, and written descriptions based on each of the topics from your SSR journals
  • You will publish and submit the link to your glogster to your teacher.

DUE March 30th


In your book talk, you will orally share your book project with the class. You must give a detailed summary of your book, share important themes/lessons, make one personal connection, and explain your personal recommendation of the novel.

April 9th to April 12th

Suggested Book Lists

Browse through this list of award winning books, then search for the book in the SOAR catalog. If it is not available in the school library, ask Ms. K or Ms. Uhl. You can also check with the Chicago Public Library.

Outstanding Books for the College Bound (ALA)

2009 Best Books for Young Adults

2010 Best of the Best

2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults

2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults

Michael L. Printz Winners and Honor Books

2011 Best of the Best Award Lists

Suggested Books

Click HERE for the SOAR Library Catalog.