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Eat fresh food : awesome recipes for teen chefs -- Gold, Rozanne

Collects more than eighty fresh recipes from teen chefs, including snacks, smoothies, burgers, pizzas, and more.

Girl wars : 12 strategies that will end female bullying -- Dellasega, Cheryl
Addresses the problem of aggression in preteen and teenage girls, featuring true stories from mothers and girls who have bullied or been victims of bullying, and including suggestions for preventing and intervening in aggressive behavior among girls.

Girls against girls : why we are mean to each other and how we can change -- Burton, Bonnie
Examines the different ways girls can be cruel to one another and provides advice on dealing with abuse from another girl.

Grace after midnight : a memoir -- Pearson, Felicia
A memoir in which Felicia Pearson, the actress who plays Snoop on the HBO television series "The Wire," discusses her early life in East Baltimore and the experiences with drugs, violence, and incarceration that allow her to bring such truth to her performance.

Hey, shorty! : a guide to combating sexual harassment and violence in public schools and on the streets -- Smith, Joanne Ninive
Describes the mission of Girls for Gender Equity, discusses its model for teens to teach one another about sexual harassment, examines its work to prevent sexual harassment, and offers practical interventions.

How long does it hurt? : a guide to recovering from incest and sexual abuse for teenagers, their friends, and their families -- Mather, Cynthia L.
Presents a step-by-step recovery guide for teenagers who are being sexually abused and offers practical advice on critical issues such as knowing whom to tell, going to court, and surviving the trauma of sexual abuse.

The Klutz book of inventions -- Cassidy, John
Presents photographs and descriptions of 162 bizarre inventions, including a wind-powered blender, a kitchen tool belt, helium bubble wrap, and plates made of ice.

One day it'll all make sense : a memoir -- Common
The Grammy Award-winning recording artist and actor shares the story of his life, from his youth on Chicago's South side and rise in the hip-hop industry to his movie appearances and the lessons he has learned as a son and a father.

Sex : a book for teens : an uncensored guide to your body, sex, and safety -- Hasler, Nikol
Offers teens information on a wide range of topics related to sex, including first-time concerns, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual orientation.

Sexual harassment and bullying --a guide to keeping kids safe and holding school accountable.

True Forensic Crime Stories
Bones : dead people do tell tales -- Latta, Sara L.
Explains how forensic anthropologists use bones to solve modern and ancient crimes, discussing their tools and techniques, and describing real-life crime stories.
Cybercrime : data trails do tell tales -- Latta, Sara L.
Describes different forms of cybercrime, features true stories of crimes and the criminals and victims involved in these events, and looks at the job of a computer forensic investigator.
DNA and blood : dead people do tell tales -- Latta, Sara L.
Explains how forensic scientists use blood and DNA to solve crimes, discussing their tools and techniques, and describing real-life crime stories.
Gun crimes : dead people do tell tales -- Faulk, Michelle
Provides a behind-the-scenes look at forensic science, examining real-life cases of gun crimes, and describing the tools and techniques used by forensic scientists to identify firearms, trace the path of bullets, and connect serial shootings.


Boyfriend season -- London, Kelli
Santana Jackson is forced to move to the other side of town, opening up an opportunity for her boyfriend to make a move of his own--on Santana's rival--but while Santana sets her sights on winning him back she finds herself developing feelings for a brainy boy; meanwhile, Dynasty finds true love next door and Patience's crush on a choir boy causes her to rethink her bad girl ways.

Bronxwood -- Booth, Coe
Sixteen-year-old Tyrell, accustomed to being the man of the family, has mixed feelings when his father comes home from jail, but he knows he cannot just go back to being a little boy, especially after losing his younger brother to foster care, getting involved with drug dealers, learning about his mother's infidelity, and developing a relationship with Jasmine.

Destined -- Cast, P. C
Zoey, safe at home with her guardian warrior Stark, confronts new forces at work in the House of Night, including Aurox, a devastatingly handsome teenage boy, created by Neferet as her greatest weapon.

Everlasting -- Noel, Alyson
Damen and Ever's final quest involves finding an antidote that will remove the poison from Damen's body, allowing them to feel each other's touch and discover their relationship's hidden origins.

Fab Life Series
All the wrong moves : a fab life novel -- Carter, Nikki
Sunday Tolliver, ready to take the music industry by storm, must gear up for battle when she is sent out on tour with her diva cousin Dreya who is doing everything she can to make sure Sunday does not succeed.
Doing my own thing : a fab life novel -- Carter, Nikki
Sunday Tolliver struggles to deal with her newfound fame while her cousin Dreya and rapper Truth are determined to ruin her reputation and a reality show complicates her love life.
Not a good look : a fab life novel -- Carter, Nikki
Sunday Tolliver, having her dream to attend college and make it in the music industry crushed when her mother spent her college fund, takes a job as her cousin Dreya's personal assistant in order to save money, and while they are on tour with rapper Truth, he begins to show interest in her, making Sunday a target for the paparazzi and Dreya's jealousy.

Glimpse -- Williams, Carol Lynch
Living with their mother who earns money as a prostitute, two sisters take care of each other and when the older one attempts suicide, the younger one tries to uncover the reason.

The help -- Stockett, Kathryn

Skeeter returns home to Mississippi from college in 1962 and begins to write stories about the African-American women that are found working in white households, which includes Aibileen, who grieves for the loss of her son while caring for her seventeenth white child, and Minny, Aibileen's sassy friend, the hired cook for a secretive woman who is new to town.

If I were your boyfriend -- Sewell, Earl
After having her reputation ruined by a girl who planted drugs on her, Keysha returns to school to find she is a social outcast and builds a relationship with Wesley Morris, a sexy guy who wants to help her but whom her family doesn't approve.

Immortal -- Barnes, Erica K.
After serving a three-year sentence in prison, Khalid is determined to not go back to his old, gangbanging ways and settle down with the right woman, but he faces a choice between available-but-aloof Shay and Kiani, whose good looks come with dangerous street ties.

The kid -- Sapphire, 1950-
Abdul, having been left on his own after his mother died when he was nine, struggles to form an identity he can stand behind as he reaches adulthood and faces challenges along the way.

Knifepoint -- Van Tol, Alex
Jill's summer job, guiding tourists on mountain trail rides, turns out to be troublesome and potentially life threatening when she takes a man into the mountains only to find out that he is a dangerous killer.

Let me in : crossroads -- Andreyko, Marc
Vampire Abby and her guardian Thomas try to protect their secret while a new monster causes the death rate in their town to climb. (graphic novel)

Lil' sister -- Wright, Ana'Gia
Krystal Bao finds Jerad, her first love, in a tub full of blood, and when her parents, who disapproved of the relationship, deny her the opportunity to say goodbye one last time, Krystal runs away and stays with Yohan and Jerad's three cousins.

Living dead girl -- Scott, Elizabeth
Alice, a fifteen-year-old girl who was abducted by Ray when she was ten, lives in fear of what he is going to do to her and hopes death will save her from the nightmare.

Midnight and the meaning of love -- Souljah, Sister
Midnight is raised within an influential Islamic African family until his father's empire is attacked and he and his mother are sent to live in the United States, but as he uses his Islamic mind-set and intelligence to build a business to reclaim his wealth, Midnight interacts with a slew of women and decides to risk everything on the one he loves the most.

Mr. Monster -- Wells, Dan
Young John Wayne Cleaver, who associates his killer instincts with the persona he refers to as "Mr. Monster," has another monster to kill when his disposal of a demon draws another to Clayton County and its victims begin to arrive at the mortuary, and John must vanquish the new demon and his own Mr. Monster to save Clayton.

On the come up -- Hunter, Travis
Brother and sister DeMarco and Jasmine Winslow are growing up in the Atlanta ghetto, and when life in the ghetto gets too rough DeMarco commits petty theft to end up in juvie, and Jasmine joins the DIVAs, a rough group of girls.

The particular sadness of lemon cake : a novel -- Bender, Aimee
Rose Edelstein, on the eve of her ninth birthday, bites into her mother's lemon-chocolate cake and is immediately aware of the hidden secrets the members of her family hold.

Raising Kane -- Lee, Darrien
Fifteen-year-old Kane Alexander resents having to care for her two younger siblings while her father works, and when he insists Kane put her family before her social life, Kane decides to run away.

Room : a novel -- Donoghue, Emma
Five-year-old Jack has spent his life living in an eleven-by-eleven foot space his mother calls Room and while Jack uses his imagination to create wondrous fantasies to entertain himself, his mother dreads the day her son begins to question why they must remain in Room and tries to find a way to escape.

Scars -- Rainfield, C. A.
Fifteen-year-old Kendra, a budding artist who has not felt safe since she began to remember devastating memories of childhood sexual abuse, cannot seem to recall her abuser's identity and copes with the stress by cutting herself.

Silenced : a novel -- DuPree, Kia
After falling on hard times, 17-yr old Nicola must move her family into a notorious housing project in Washington, D.C., where she finds it increasingly difficult to keep her three headstrong children off the streets and out of trouble.

Thirteen days to midnight -- Carman, Patrick
After surviving the accident that killed his father, high school student Jacob Fielding discovers he is indestructible, a burden that soon weighs heavy on Jacob's shoulders.

Yummy : the last days of a Southside shorty -- Neri, Greg
A brief biography, in graphic novel format, of Robert "Yummy" Sandifer, an eleven-year old African American gang member from Chicago who went on the run after shooting a young girl and was later found dead, shot by members of his own gang. (graphic novel)