SOURCE CARDS: To keep track of your research, you will be recording the sources that you use and notes that you take on SOURCE CARDS (assignment ##).

You should use the color-coded source cards provided to you in class for the three major types of sources: Article in Online Database, Book, and General Website.

EASY BIB: As you collect relevant sources that you plan to use in your paper. You should enter them into your Easy Bib account. Below are steps to create an Easy Bib account:

1.Go to www.easybib.com
2. Select "Register" and create an account with Easy Bib (do not use Facebook to sign in). Remember your password.
3. You will need to confirm your email at some point.
4. Start a New Project and name it.
5. Begin adding your citations and annotations by selecting the appropriate type or resource.

You will be required to turn in your ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY (assignment ##) once you have compiled and annotated all of your sources. An annotation (In Easy Bib you will click on the "Add Annotation" button for each source) is a brief summary of the article and explanation of how it is particularly useful for your specific topic. Here is an example of an Annotated Bibliography:


SOURCE SUMMARY (assignment #4): You are required to use at least ONE article from a CPS online database and complete a Source Summary based on 2-column using the following sheet:

Think About It...

How will I find the information that I need?
What are the BEST sources of information for this task?
How will I determine if my information is credible?
How and where will I locate my sources?
How will I find information WITHIN my sources?

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